If you’re hungry, let Saweetie remix your next McDonald’s meal.

On Monday (Aug. 9), the Bay Area native premiered a new glamorous ad for her "Saweetie Meal" for McDonald’s. The brand’s 30-second commercial features the Icy Girl offering several unique remixes of her Mickey D's meal.

In the beginning of the ad, the “Best Friend” rapper presents a meal on a diamond-encrusted tray. “I get a Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, fries and a Sprite with Sweet ‘N Sour and BBQ sauce, but I like to mix it all up,” she said while her latest single, “Fast (Motion),” plays in the background.

From there, Saweetie shows viewers her remixed meals, which includes the franchise's World Famous Fries within the buns of her Big Mac sandwich drizzled with "Saweetie 'N Sour sauce," or her Chicken McNuggets topped with fries and Tangy BBQ sauce. Lastly, she debuted a whole new sandwich with Chicken McNuggets in between the buns of the Big Mac, sans all extras like lettuce, cheese and the Big Mac's special sauce.

“As long as you’re doing you, you’re doing the Saweetie Meal,” she concluded at the end of the clip. You can watch it and see all of the meal concoctions at the bottom of this post.

Also, Saweetie added a sweepstakes to sweeten the meal. McDonald’s launched an accompanying “Saweetstakes,” which gives one entrant a chance to win two handbags—for you and your “Best Friend”—by Brandon Blackwood, one of Saweetie’s favorite designers. One of Blackwood's coveted bags are also featured in an ad for the West Coast rhymer's Mickey D's meal.

saweetie mcdonalds meal
McDonald’s USA
saweetie mcdonalds meal brandon blackwood bag
McDonald’s USA

To enter, simply order The Saweetie Meal today (Aug. 9) through Sept. 5 and you will be in the running for a chance to win. The lucky winner will also receive a five-day trip to Las Vegas with two tickets to see Saweetie perform. For more information, head over to McDonaldsSaweetstakes.com.

Fast-food meals aside, Saweetie has a very wide-ranging food palette: from Mickey D’s to pricey seafood. On the banging track “Icy Girl,” she boasts about flying to the Bahamas and eating pasta and lobster. "Cash money, mama that be dining in Bahamas/Eating fettuccine pasta with the scallops and the lobsters,” she spits on the song.

Saweetie is a hardcore foodie.

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