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I am not a fan of scary movies but not super against them either. I am more of a comedy girl. However, I do understand the thrill of scary movies. The best part, the close snuggles of my date when I’m scared.

Zombies are another fantasy genre that appears around Halloween time. They typically are a reawakened corpse with the need to feed. Just think, the Walking Dead. It’s a whole thing. An entire cult following.

In 2007, I played a role in the Alabama Zombie film Hide and Creep. Chance Shirley directed it with Monarch Films, Inc. This was such a fun project to film, right here in Alabama. Check out the trailer.

Hide and Creep is a mixture of horror and comedy. The screening of the film was hosted at Sloss Furnace. My father laughed throughout the entire movie.

The backstory on Hide and Creep is that “unexpected visitors wake up the sleepy town of Thorsby when a bloodthirsty army of the undead wreaks havoc in the streets, and paranoid residents begin killing one another. With federal agents on the ground and flying saucers in the air, one thing’s for sure: Life in Thorsby will never be the same.”

My character was Cindy, a church lady. That is hilarious within itself.

Not to brag. I believe I got the role because of my killer horror movie scream. I think my blood-curdling scream scared the Zombie character in the church so badly. That he fell back and hit his head on the bell inside the church, you can hear the ring, clear as day.

It’s even on Amazon Prime, click here to check it out. I show up about an hour and ten minutes into the movie.

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