So you my be spending more time at home these days and wondering what to do to fill all this time. This is the perfect time to catch up on all the newest, hottest Netflix shows! Even better, you can binge watch them all because you have nothing but time. Here's my top list of binge-worthy Netflix shows and movies.


Last Chance-U

This is a personal favorite. This show is about high profile college football players that ran into trouble at their big Division 1 football programs. After being kicked out for whatever reason, they must attend a community college for a few years to become D-1 eligible again. This show gets crazy! The first season follows the East Mississippi Community College football in Scooba Mississippi. They're one of the top Junior college football teams in the nation with plenty of NFL success stories. I highly recommend this show.


The Circle 

This show is so year 2020. It's a social experiment using a social media app and hold all contestants in one house. They don't know they're all in the same house and they can only communicate with each other through the app. They must compete to gain the most influence among competitors and the winner gets $100,000!


I've just started watching this show and it's amazing how intense the cheer world gets. They're showing me things I never would've thought cheerleaders dealt with. The series follows Navarro College's competitive cheerleading team. the things they deal with on the road to winning a National Title is amazing!


Netflix really changed the game with this one. This show is about a guy who is obsessed with love and relationships with the person he falls in love with. He will go to any length to protect them and strangely justifies it. Murder, cheating, breakfast in bed, cuddling and watching a movie are all ingredients for a successful relationship in the main character Joe's eyes.


Some other shows I want to watch but haven't started yet are below. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about these.


Love Is Blind

Black Mirror


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