States With The Fewest COVID-19 Restrictions: Where Alabama Falls

There's no doubt that COVID-19 is still very real. With many states across the U.S opening up, many may wonder where Alabama falls in comparison to other states when it comes to COVID restrictions.

At least twice a week, I get a message from family or friends back in Florida about COVID in Alabama. They've either seen something on the news about Alabama or are curious to see how we're doing as a state compared to Florida. I can tell you now that we're not as relaxed as they are. The Governor of Florida recently announced that businesses and restaurants will have zero capacity restraints. I've even seen that the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami was approved for their full capacity of 65,000 seats. WOW!

According to Wallet Hub, Florida is among the top 15 states with the fewest COVID-19 restrictions in the U.S. They're ranked at #11. Alabama isn't far behind. We just made it into the top 15. Our state is ranked at #14 out of all the states in the U.S with the fewest COVID-19 restrictions. The state of Georgia is just ahead of us at #13, and Mississippi is #22.

Louisiana, and the Carolinas all showed more COVID-19 restrictions than Alabama. You can check out the full ranking list here.

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