Stillman College is once again doing their part to help out the community. We love to see it!

The President of Stillman College, Dr. Cynthia Warrick let it be known that there is a scarcity of accessible parks and activities in the West End. Particularly for seniors and children.

To combat this issue, Stillman College has recently partnered with YWCA USA to develop a multi-use facility in Tuscaloosa's West End. The facility will provide fitness and health activities, education, childcare, and recreational services for one of Tuscaloosa's underserved areas.

This news comes during Stillman's Founder's Week as the students, faculty and staff celebrate 145 years.

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“We need this space for both the campus and our community,” said Dr. Cynthia Warrick, president of Stillman College. “And the YWCA, which provides housing, education and childcare services, is a perfect partner.”

The new facility will replace King and Williams Hall on Stillman's campus, both dorms are no longer in use.

This is amazing news not just for Stillman College, YWCA USA, but the West End of Tuscaloosa. Not having access to childcare, healthcare, recreational facilities and more have a huge effect on he quality of life.

When children don't have access to adequate recreational facilities it makes for idle time. We all know what can happen with young minds and idle time. So creating a facility like this is just an amazing thing for those residents. the center will serve Tuscaloosa's West End residents as well as Stillman College students and employees.

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