Tuscaloosa, Alabama is not only home to champions but history makers as well. Stillman College recently made history on campus with one of its senior students.

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Thursday, October 21st, 2021 Stillman College officially crowned the new Miss Stillman College. "An Evening in Paris on the Boulevard," was the theme for the night but you couldn't help but feel the excitement in the room. This was the night that Stillman was to crown their first Mister Stillman College.

The crown went to Senior student Ronnie Williams, Jr. "The feeling is indescribable," said Williams when asked about being the Inaugural Mister Stillman College.

"This is something I’ve always cherished since my freshman year in college. God truly does work in mysterious ways."

Williams knows what it's like to stay the course and never give up hope. He explained what happened the last time he ran for a position like this.

"In high school, I ran for Mr. VHS against one of the most popular guys at my school and I lost, I was devastated, and I told myself I won’t run for anything else in my life. But God said don’t worry, I did this for a reason, I have something much greater planned for you and 5 years later he made me the first-ever Mister Stillman College. So when you don’t get the things that you think you want or the plan doesn’t work out God has made that plan fails for a reason because he wants you to have greater and wants better for you."

This Business Administration major has plenty on his plate as the first Mister Stillman College. His platform, "Setting The Standard To Establish a Legacy," should be received well by students on campus. His goal is to create and set the standard of who and what Mister Stillman stands for.

I personally love how college experiences really mold the person you become as an adult.  "I’ve always been afraid of failure," said Williams as he shared how Stillman has helped him in life.

"I’ve learned throughout my matriculation at Stillman college that You learn more from failure than success. I’ve never had the confidence to speak in front of a crowd, to be a leader, or even voice my opinion about anything but that changed once mother Stillman laid her hands on me. She gave me self-confidence she pulled grit out of me that I didn’t know I had, she made me tap into my full potential."

Congratulations to Ronnie Williams, Jr. for being crowned the first Mister Stillman College. I also want to congratulate Destiny Gardner for being crowned Miss Stillman College!

May you both continue to make an impact and set a great example for the Stillman College Student body.

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