Stillman College Art Walk
Stillman College Art Walk

Stillman College's 4th Annual MLK Legacy Art Walk will be hosted virtually for 2021. The event takes place this Saturday, January 16, 2021, at 1 pm (CST). The Art Walk with being broadcasted on Stillman College’s Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn Live.


The 2021 MLK Legacy Art Walk will showcase Synthia Saint James, Steve R. Allen, Frank Frazier, and Frank Kelley Jr. The esteemed guests will discuss their art, background, and how current issues that are impacting the African American communities are reflected in their art. Topics covered will be COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and the first African American and female Vice-President.

Featured Guest Profiles

Synthia SAINT JAMES is a world-renowned multicultural visual artist and award-winning author-illustrator of 17 children’s books, several poetry and affirmation books, a cookbook, a play, a monologue, and two marketing books. In her latest book, Living My Dream: The 50th Anniversary Celebration, Synthia shares her creative journey.

Steve R. Allen is an artist recognized internationally for his bold use of color and ability to create in myriad styles. He has traveled extensively internationally with his work. His work hangs in world capitols and many prestigious art collections from Athens, Greece to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Beijing, China as an “official” artist for the U.S. Olympic Committee. His work has appeared at eight Olympic Games.

 Frank Frazier began his work as a fine artist early, at the age of seven. He was creating paintings in his family’s Harlem, New York City home. Now living in Texas, Frazier is working on a series of paintings on the civil rights movement. He recently completed a road trip to various Southern cities that were pivotal to the struggle for equal rights; Jackson, Mississippi to Birmingham, Alabama, to Selma, to Tuskegee. This statesman of art was “never motivated by money” when producing his art; the love of black history and culture and creation are his driving force.

Frank Kelley Jr. was born and raised in Northeast Louisiana; Frank has created art centered around rural Louisiana, celebrated jazz and Southern life, along with Landscapes, Abstracts, and Figurative. Vibrant colors weave their way across trademark rag paper as the master storyteller creates a world where the observer becomes a participant. Frank Kelley, Jr's. paintings interpret real stories motivated by true-life situations. He draws upon his deep-rooted morals, spirituality, love for art, and zest for life to express himself in various creative, artistic styles.

Stillman College's 4th Annual MLK Legacy Art Walk

(Source) Stillman College’s Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and LinkedIn Live.

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