Stillman College has literally become my home away from home.

As a Florida HBCU graduate, the first thing I got excited about when I moved to Alabama was looking for HBCU's in the area.

Luckily, I didn't have to go too far. Stillman College welcomed me with open arms and it's been my home since I moved.

As a DJ, I know there are certain songs I can play at an event and the crowd will go crazy.

Before I Let Go by Frankie Beverly and Maze is at the top of that list for sure.

Another song I know always gets the crowd moving is a classic by Juvenile.

I have to admit, as a DJ, I do have some songs that I selfishly love to play.

Yung Joc has a few that always gets the crowd hype. The top of that list is It's Goin Down.


When I want to make the crowd sing, I'll play another song from Yung Joc.

Remember this?

Recently, Yung Joc was at an event during the World Games in Birmingham.

A Facebook video shows Yung Joc interacting with two members in the crowd.

He begins singing the chorus from his hit song saying, "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, how many girls from the club want go."

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Stillman College Alum Logan The Entertainer along with Alabama A&M Alum Kristy Stewart finished the lyrics in the most hilarious way.

They hit Joc with the church choir, harmony and Yung Joc was dying of laughter.

The World Games brought a lot of people into the state of Alabama, but I'm glad to see it brought HBCU alum together to have a good time and sing for Yung Joc.

This is what the HBCU experience is all about.

We handle business, but we love to have a great time.

Go Tigers!

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