Back home in Orlando, the summer meant it was time to eat one of our favorite treats. We called them flips, but Alabamians may call them something else.

There are many things I remember about summers in Orlando. I could never forget the daily storms. Literally every day in the summer around 2p we'd have the craziest storms. Rain, lots of lightning, and thunder were the norm. I could also count on my parents telling me to stay "in or out the house!" As a result, we'd end up taking a break from playing outside by drinking water from the hose right outside the house. Lol!

Another thing I could always count on was going to the flip lady or the candy lady to buy a flip or two. It's nothing like that frozen, sugary goodness on a hot summer day.

I've come to realize that almost everyone eats these but they call them different names. In college, I've heard some of my classmates call them honey drippers, lilly dillies, freeze cups and all other kinds of weird names.

I asked some of my Facebook friends what they call it and the answers were just as ridiculous. Among the names were:

  • Beebop
  • frozen cup
  • squeeze cup
  • Flip cup

The heck is a beebop?! They had to be trolling the comments with that answer. There is just no way. According to this Youtube video, people in New Orleans call them Huckabucks.

My question is, what do Alabamians call it? Please tell me it's flip as well. I want you all to be normal like me and not weird like those "Beebop" people. what do you even put in yours when you make them? Let me know what you call them by sending me a message in our free app chat feature.

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