Favorite Iphone Accessories
I was having a conversation with a listener last week and we began to discuss how much we valued our iPhone charger cables. If you own an iPhone, then you know how irritating it can be using the short default charger cable. This conversation made me think about all of my iPhone accessories and how m…
Top 5 Easter Themed Baby Items
I've NEVER been the type to want to dress up my nieces or nephews for Easter, but I guess it's true what they say, "It's different when you have your own." AND it's my first child!
Top 5 Items On My Baby WishList
I'm officially 1 month into parenthood and it's been amazing! The way my son is growing is amazing to see. He's breastfeeding well, becoming more alert, and sleeping really good. The one issue is that I find 3-5 new items online that I want to buy for him!!! LOL! These items have been…
Toys From My Childhood That I'm Buying For My Kids
So right now I'm in the parenting stage where my infant is starting to smile regularly and I'm already thinking of toys that my son would enjoy. I couldn't help but also think of the toys I enjoyed during my childhood! Even though we have a few years before Nuppy can play with these, …

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