I've NEVER been the type to want to dress up my nieces or nephews for Easter, but I guess it's true what they say, "It's different when you have your own." AND it's my first child!

I couldn't help but search the web for the cutest Easter items for babies. Coming to an online checkout cart near you! Or me lol!

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Easter Chocolate Bunnies Baby Outfit

I can just imagine Nuppy in this outfit posing for his Easter pictures!

Fairy Baby 2PCS Easter Outfit Long Sleeve Romper+ Big Ear Cap

I'd have to be in a really good mood to buy this one with the ear cap. I'd let Nuppu rock this one without it.

 Baby Bunny Pajamas

I think we have a winner!! Now THIS I'd love for Nuppy to wear with the ears. This screams cutie to me.

My First Easter Set

Maybe I spoke too soon about the winner. This is perfect for his first Easter. The bunnies on the pants send it overboard for me!

Newborn Baby Photography Props Infant Boy Girl Knit Rabbit Photo Outfits

Guaranteed to add a little Easter flair to ANY newborn's photoshoot. These aadd just the right amount of cuteness and style for photo props.

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