Will 6ix9ine resume his status in the rap game after snitching on his former comrades? It looks like he will at least try, after reportedly inking an eight-figure record deal from behind bars. But, will the public accept him? Talib Kweli thinks there will be people more than willing to support the disgraced rapper.

On Friday (Oct. 11), Kweli posted about the news of Tekashi's new deal on Instagram along with the caption: "So, snitches get riches? LOL how much you wanna bet more than half the people talking about how they would never support Tekashi gonna be dancing to his song a year from now if he do a hot feature with someone willing to take some of his money? 😫😂 club DJs gonna be like 'yo but women like the record so...' I can see it now."

Snoop Dogg, who has been going at 6ix9ne relentlessly since the Brooklyn rapper decided to work with the prosecution against his former affiliates, chimed in, in the comment section.

"Fuck. Him his song and his deal. Bitch ass nigga new era shit my era way different 🐀," Uncle Snoop snapped.

"No lies detected OG," Talib responded.

TalibKweli via Instagram
TalibKweli via Instagram

Snoop hasn't been biting his tongue when it comes calling out Tekashi. Earlier this week, he clowned the "Gummo" rapper for taking the stand.

6ix9ine's sentencing date is now set for Dec. 18.

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