Tuscaloosa County High School Principal Darrell Williams and Tuscaloosa County School Systems Superintendent Dr. Keri Johnson recently provided a statement regarding a racist prom proposal at Tuscaloosa County High School.

"It is important to our administration that our students feel safe, valued, and included at Tuscaloosa County High School and in the Tuscaloosa County School System, the public statement read.

Facebook: Tuscaloosa County High School
Facebook: Tuscaloosa County High School

"We work to make this a reality every day at TCHS, and we're always striving to do better."

According to the statement, many people reached out about a post on social media involving TCHS and a prom proposal which involved racially motivated language.

"Several of you have reached out to me today about a social media post involving our school," the statement read on the TCSS website.

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"The post shows a photo of a "promposal" at our school. In the photo, there is a poster, decorated with a statement that references cotton picking and African Americans."

Although disciplinary actions towards students can't be detailed, it's said that these actions will carry serious consequences.

"I want you to know there is absolutely no room for racially-motivated language at Tuscaloosa County High School and in the Tuscaloosa County School System. It will not be tolerated."

Students and families with concerns are being asked to reach out directly to discuss this issue.

Superintendent Dr. Keri Johnson can be reached by phone at (205) 758-0411 or by email at kcjohnson@tcss.net.

You can read the full statement on this TCHS issue by clicking here. 

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