I've been in T-Town since August and I'm still getting acquainted with the great food joint here in town. I've experienced some great chicken wings and I've been wondering who has the best wings in town!

According to Yelp, the best wings in Tuscaloosa, with a 3 and a half star rating is Baumhower's Victory Grille. Although I've never been, the comments and history on this joint alone makes me want to give them a shot!


"Spanning from the Gulf Coast to the top of the state, Alabama residents have embraced Baumhower’s as one of the top dining experiences in the state. From its inception Baumhower’s has been synonymous with sports, fun times and quality food! Baumhower's has always been known for their signature wings...."

If you could recommend one wing spot to someone new to Tuscaloosa, what place would you send me to?


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