Governor Kay Ivey has amended the Safer At Home order and the state of Alabama is slowly opening back up. With more businesses opening, of course, there are more people on the road. This heightens the chances of speeding and speeding tickets.

When was the last time you got a speeding ticket? Do you remember how fast you were going, or if you tried to talk your way out of the ticket? I can admit, I've never tried to talk my way out of a speeding ticket. Whenever I get pulled over, I'm just trying to make it home safely, but I have heard stories of friends and co-workers talking their way out of citations with officers. CarInsurance.Com conducted a survey to find out which excuses people use to get out of speeding tickets and you wouldn't believe which ones actually worked. The top excuse came in at 32% which was drivers claiming they didn't know they were speeding.  Being late for work and claiming a medical emergency was tied for the second-highest answer at 20%. Other popular excuses that got people out of speeding tickets included drivers saying they didn't see the speed limit sign and "going just as fast as everyone else." Those answers didn't have a high percentage of working s I wouldn't depend on any of those working. I was very shocked to see that drivers simply saying they had to use the bathroom worked. WOW!

Another survey showed that in Alabama, drivers say they've seen 34% more speeding recently. Have you seen more speeding happening on the roads in Alabama? Open up our station app and let us know!

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