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All week I've been dealing with the adjustment being in cooler weather. With me being from Florida, our coldest temps during the year are probably 50' and mid 40's it's rare to see anything around 30's or even 20's.


This week here in T-Town we've seen some cold weather and it has me thinking of things that'll make dealing with the cold easier. I've searched Amazon and found my top five items to help deal with the cooler weather.


Refillable HandWarmer 


This is PERFECT for cold weather. It's safe, and refillable too!



Wool Socks

I'm actually ordering these this weekend! Thicker socks, especially wool socks, will help keep your feet warm. Specifically the toes!


Neck/ Face Warmer 

While we're focusing on those forgotten body parts, this neck warmer is a huge help for the cold dry air. I even use it as a partial face warmer too.



Heated Toilet Seat

I was so happy to find this! I thought I was the only one who dreaded extra cold toilet seats in cooler weather. This is a must have for me! I think you'd appreciate it as well.

Draft Guard

You'd be surprised how much cold air comes in under the door. You don't have to have a major, noticeable gap for cold air to creep in under your door and make it colder than desired. This door guard would help eliminate that extra unwanted old air.

I hope these items help you during the fall and winter cool downs we'll be getting. Especially if this week was any indication on what's to come!

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