This Hidden Natural Pool Of Water Is One Of Alabama's Treasures

In 2021, I plan on finding more hidden treasures in the state of Alabama. What I didn't expect is to find this beautiful natural blue pool of water.

If you'd like to take a trip with the family to a beautiful place in Alabama, this may be the perfect spot for you! Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is located in Pinson, Alabama. According to Only In Your State, it's one of the Southeast's most scenic preserves.

If you're a lover of the great outdoors, you'll love the views at this preserve. Lots of trees and the highlight of the preserve, the "Blue Hole."

This water has to be one of Alabama's biggest treasures and well-kept secrets. The "Blue Hole" is a natural pool on the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve that has some of the clearest and bluest water in the state of Alabama. The incredible thing is that it's all-natural.

Right now, it's way too cold to even think about swimming but the "Blue Hole" is known to attract swimmers of all ages. Could you imagine swimming in crystal clear blue water right here in Alabama?

I remember hearing about something like this but over in Jamaica. They call it the Luminous Blue Hole. the difference is that this water in Jamaica glows. It looks like a scene out of a movie!

If you'd like to take a visit to the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve to visit Alabama's "Blue Hole," visit their Facebook page here.

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