I'm officially 1 month into parenthood and it's been amazing! The way my son is growing is amazing to see. He's breastfeeding well, becoming more alert, and sleeping really good. The one issue is that I find 3-5 new items online that I want to buy for him!!! LOL! These items have been in and out of my cart on Amazon and will soon be there again. Check out my list current baby wishlist.

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Inflatable Tummy Time Premium Water mat

The moment I saw this I knew I wanted it for Nuppy. We've been reading up on Tummy Time and have been trying to give him about 5-8 min of tummy time a day. With his senses growing and him becoming more alert, this would be so cool!



Dad Swag Baseball Cap Hat

This hat is self explanatory. I think when you become a dad you want borderline lame things and I'll accept that in this case. Maybe I'll change my mind later.


Dad Swag Pants

.....And maybe the pants to match wont be a bad idea. LOL!


 Dads with Beards are Better T-Shirt


since we're on clothing items that scream "I'm a dad!" let's add this in the mix as well. I'd really never regret this shirt. Unless I shaved my beard.


Best Dad Ever T Shirt


Ok, there is absolutely no dad who would not want this shirt. It's literally self explanatory!


Who knows. Maybe one day soon I'll buy a few items from my wish list and give a review on it. Which item do you think I'll get first?

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