Tuscaloosa, Alabama!
The City Of Champions.
One of the fastest growing cities in Alabama, Tuscaloosa, is seeing people move here from many places.
According to Stacker.com, here are the top cities around the country that we’re welcoming to town.
1) Indianapolis, Indiana
I found this a little surprising but according to the stats, we’re seeing several people from Indiana head south to Tuscaloosa. Maybe they have grown really sick of basketball.
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2) San Diego, California
WHAT???? I love Tuscaloosa but I’m struggling with this one. San Diego is repeatedly named one of the best cities in America to live in…yet people are leaving in good numbers for Tuscaloosa. Well, isn’t that interesting.
3) Miami, Florida
Again, this one seems a little odd too. The beaches of Miami with all the glitz and glamour. The great food trucks and wonderful restaurants in Miami. Hey, people are coming to Tuscaloosa and leaving all that!
4) New Orleans, Louisiana
As a former resident of New Orleans, I have no problem with this one at all. New Orleans is a fabulous place to visit but you really would not want to live there. It always smells like bodily fluids.
5) Palm Bay, Florida
Anything with “Bay” in the name is just a tad shocking to me.
6) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
That’s right. Steelers country. Najee Harris is a Steeler now. I’m thinking that people are seeing how cool he is and then making the move to Tuscaloosa. Those are ugly uniforms anyway.
7) St. Louis, Missouri
I understand that being landlocked in the middle of the country could be depressing. A little bit of a fresh start in T-town!
8) Los Angeles, California
Ok, ok, ok. Hollywood. Movie stars. Glitz and glamour. Records show that nearly 200 people moved to Tuscaloosa from L.A.
Movies? Yeah, we have plenty of theaters in West Alabama.
9) Auburn/Opelika, Alabama
Is there any reason to point out that people would rather get out of Auburn and head to Tuscaloosa? No! Duh!
10) Atlanta, Georgia
The big apple of the south is the 3rd-ranked city when it comes to towns people leave for Tuscaloosa from.
11) Huntsville, Alabama
Yes! Finally! A victory for Tuscaloosa over the hot new favorite city in Alabama. Huntsville ranked second in cities people move to Tuscaloosa from. Records show that nearly 350 residents have moved to Tuscaloosa from the space and rocket mega town.
Birmingham actually ranked at the top of the list, but that’s a pretty easy one for me and most likely, everyone to understand.
Welcome to Tuscaloosa everyone that is new in 2022!

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