Being a homeowner is no easy task. Repairs and upkeep can drain the bank account. Luckily this program allows residents to qualify for a new or low-cost roof for their home.

Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa has a roof replacement grant that helps residents in the Tuscaloosa area with their roofing needs. Need a new roof? You could qualify for the Habitat Tuscaloosa FORTIFIED Roof program.

This program is in partnership with Strengthen Alabama Homes and allows homeowners in the Tuscaloosa area to possibly receive a free or low-cost FORTIFIED roof replacement.

According to Habitat for Humanity Tuscaloosa, a FORTIFIED roof helps homes better withstand severe weather by keeping the roof on and keeping water out. Based on years of research, Fortified roofs protect against wind and wind-driven rain by:

  • Improving roof sheathing attachment

  • Providing a sealed roof deck

  • Reducing chances of attic ventilation system failure (roof vents and gable end wall vents)

There are some qualifications that need to be met before residents can receive assistance. The City of Tuscaloosa posted some requirements for the program on their Facebook page. 

- Your house must be located in Tuscaloosa or Pickens County
- The house cannot be a mobile home or manufactured home
- The house must be your primary residence
- You must have homeowners insurance with high wind coverage
To date, Habitat has been able to install over 80 new FORTIFIED roofs in Tuscaloosa and Pickens Counties.
Residents interested in the roof assistance program can visit The Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa and click "Need a Roof?" for more information.

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