One of the most talked-about stories happening in America right now is the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tuscaloosa Chief of Police Brent Blankley recently released a statement about this incident.

Chief Blankley spoke about the efforts from the "heroes that serve our city" in a statement published to the Tuscaloosa Police Department's Facebook page regarding the death of George Floyd. He described the actions of the Minneapolis officer as "inexcusable" and went on to say that no officer in his department would tolerate that type of behavior. Here's the full statement that was posted to the TPD Facebook page:

A message from our Chief of Police:

“As myself and other police chiefs across the country watch the situation in Minneapolis unfold, it is imperative that we as leaders in law enforcement speak out against such actions. The actions of the officer in Minneapolis were inexcusable, and I know that no officer in my department would tolerate this type of behavior. The Tuscaloosa Police Department works extremely hard every day to protect and work with our community. I only hope that these actions do not undermine the efforts of the heroes that serve our City.”


I applaud Chief Blankley for speaking up on this issue, especially when these kinds of actions can easily reflect negatively on officers in Tuscaloosa. We're thankful for all of the hard work done by the Tuscaloosa Police Department in our community. Thank you for you're continuing effort to keep the members of our communities safe.


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