I believe that volunteering is essential to the soul. We all have very busy lives. Throw in that there has been a pandemic; volunteering can be a challenge.

There are so many positives about donating your time to a worthy cause. For me, it’s about a sense of purpose. I’ve been volunteering in the virtual space but at the point where I would like to transition into in-person situations.

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If you are thinking about it as well, that’s great news. There are tons of benefits to spending your time serving others. Happiness.com gives us seven reasons to make volunteering a top priority.

#1 - Volunteering connects you with others 

#2 - Volunteering builds self-confidence and self-esteem 

#3 - Volunteering is important for physical health... 

#4 - … and mental health  

#5 - Volunteering is important for a sense of purpose  

#6 - Volunteering helps you forget your own problems 

#7 - Volunteering is important for your career

If your interests are in helping others, give the Community Soup Bowl a try. Click here to head over to their Facebook Page. It looks like everyone that has been a volunteer has a smile on their face behind their masks.

In operating for over thirty years, the goal of the Community Soup Bowl is to provide “a warm, inviting atmosphere by opening our doors seven days a week to welcome and feed the hungry.” They “offer a hot lunch to those who are hungry. They are located at 1711 23rd Avenue in Tuscaloosa. “If you would like to volunteer or make a donation, please call 205-752-2421.”

(Source) Click here for the Facebook Page for the Community Soup Bowl. Click here for the website for the Community Soup Bowl. For more from Happiness.com, click here.

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