Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox issued an executive order Tuesday mandating that no one will be allowed inside any city-owned facility without wearing a face mask that fully covers the mouth and nostrils.

The new policy goes into effect this Friday, June 5th, and states that "there shall be no admittance to city owned and operated facilities by a member of the public unless a face covering that fully covers the mouth and nostrils is worn."

The executive order also requires all employees of the city to wear a mask or other covering at all times as they do their jobs with a few exceptions for people who are alone in a room or vehicle, who are able to consistently maintain six feet of social distancing, or if a municipal department head grants them an exception in writing.

The new policy notably affects the Tuscaloosa River Market, who announced the coming change on social media Thursday.

Masks will also be required for anyone attending high school graduations held at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater this month -- Central High School, Bryant High and Northridge High School are all planning ceremonies there in June.

The policy is drawing fire from some posters who say they will not visit the River Market until the order is rescinded or expires and earning praise from others who say Maddox is taking this step to try to protect the people of Tuscaloosa from the continued spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

See the post from the River Market below, and click here to read the executive order in its entirety.

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