Tuscaloosa Weather Is Causing Me To Have Trust Issues 

We've been enjoying some beautiful spring-like days here in West Alabama. So the question is, what's up with this cold weather?

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I know a lot of people have trust issues not just in West Alabama but all across the country. Somebody did you wrong in a relationship sometime in your life. They could've cheated, lied about something, or talked behind your back. That is the worst! Like, why can't you just say what you have to say to my face right?!

My trust issues are connected to a relationship, but a rather unique one. My relationship with Tuscaloosa and the weather. Like come on, make up your mind!

I thought things were warming up. I remember just earlier this week it was sunny and in the upper 70's. Today I wake up and was wondering why it was a little cold in my house. I heard my wife yell out, "Why is it 64 degrees outside?!"

I can admit, I laughed!

I understood her frustration. I feel like the weather can't be trusted. People are getting ready for Hot Girl Summer and City Boy Summer and now it's cooling back off again. In the spring?! Something can't be right.

According to a recent report from my personal weather professional Mary K, North and Central Alabama could experience temperatures in the range between 33 and 40 degrees. Then Thursday will shape up to become a sunny day. Some areas are reaching the mid-60s, while some of our coverage areas could reach the high 60s.

I hope we can get back to the sunny upper 70's and even 80's soon.

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