Downtown Tuscaloosa's popular restaurant Reggae Flava will be closing its doors permanently, it was announced via social media Thursday morning.

(Facebook/Reggae Flava, LLC)
(Facebook/Reggae Flava, LLC)

According to a Facebook post by owner Romeo Tomlinson, Reggae Flava will be closing.  "There is no Reggae Flava without you. This was always meant to be a family affair, and from beginning to end, we carried that out," Tomlinson wrote.

Tomlinson went on to address the faithful customers of Reggae Flava.

"There are not enough words to express our sincere gratitude to our dedicated customers!" he said. "Without the continuous love shown to Reggae Flava, our journey would have ended shortly after it began. Your support allowed us to maintain and be able to offer many days/nights of fun and good vibes."

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In April 2022, Reggae Flava announced they would close their doors at the end of the month, "We have tried everything to keep the business going. Unfortunately, our options are limited."

They were able to keep the doors open a while longer before ultimately announcing their closing this month.

"We have put in lots of thought and made changes with the hopes of being able to stay open… including incorporating late night accommodations. However, those efforts still have not met the necessary goal," owner Tomlinson said on social media.

"With that being said, we have reached the end of this amazing ride and we regret to inform our patrons that we will no longer provide services through Reggae Flava."

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