Tuscaloosa's Top Pick From DJ Khaled's New Album

Friday, April 30th, DJ Khaled dropped his 12th studio album and of course, it's packed with some heavy hitters. What's your favorite track so far?

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I remember being in the middle of the pandemic and wondering who was going to be the first artist to announce a tour and a new album. While I don't remember who was the first to do either, I remember wondering if 2020 would be the year we'd get a new DJ Khaled album. We didn't get an album but he dropped a few hits. One of them being the multiplatinum song "Popstar" with Drake.


Now we're in 2021 and he's officially dropped his next album and it's called "Khaled Khaled." I know we probably say this about every DJ Khaled album, but it's really star studded. He's got tracks with every one of the biggest hip-hop artists out today! The features are insane! Diddy, Rick Ross, Lil Baby, DaBaby, Roddy Ricch, Bryson Tiller, Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Nas, and a late addition with Cardi B!


Now that the album is officially out, you know we'll be playing tracks on 105.1 The Block. We want to know which tracks are your favorite so far? After all the hype that's been built up about this album, which tracks delivered on the hype?

Body in motion, This is my year, & Big Paper are just a few of my top tracks so far. We want to know your favorites.

Vote below on your favorite track from DJ Khaled's 12th studio album "Khaled Khaled." If you haven't heard the album yet, don't worry. We're playing tracks from this album all weekend long!

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