The 2022 offseason has already been eventful with coaches beefing over Name, Image and Likeness, Auburn coaching drama and even the Tuscaloosa City Council getting into a PR battle with the University of Alabama.

On Wednesday, Alabama fans can add a Twitter beef between two of Alabama's backup quarterbacks. 

Clint Lamb of On3 Sports, innocently, got the drama started by reminiscing on the 2016  Crimson Tide quarterback room that featured Cooper Bateman, David Cornwell and Blake Barnett.

One Alabama fan, fondly remembering Barnett's 5-star classification lamented that it never worked out at the Capstone for Barnett as he was so physically gifted. It didn't take long for Cornwell to make his thoughts on Barnett known.

Barnett, a former 5-star recruit out of California didn't seem to take too kindly to Cornwell questioning his talents as he was quick to question his former teammates security.

The drama only continued between the two former Bama backups as Cornwell insinuated that Barnett attempted to burn Alabama with the NCAA in order to maintain his eligibility.

Barnett transferred from Alabama to Arizona State weeks into the 2016 season. At the time, freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts had taken command of the quarterback position, relegating both Barnett and Cornwell to backup roles.

It is clear that whatever happened between the two quarterbacks is still left unresolved. The pair proceeded to exchange barbs and quips about the other's character, business acumen and football talent throughout the morning.

Cornwell would eventually transfer away from Alabama as well as he finished his college career with the Nevada Wolfpack, only appearing in one game.

Across five college seasons with Alabama, Arizona State and South Florida, Barnett passed for 3,398 yards with 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

Cornwell only appeared in one college game, with Nevada, and passed for 97 yards with three interceptions.

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