Veterans Benefits Outreach Hosted By Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center

Veterans in the Tuscaloosa area, this event will help you learn about all of your benefits. My dad is a veteran and I used to hear stories almost daily bout how hard it was to navigate the VA benefits system. He'd have to do so much research to see what he qualified for and ask around to make sure he was getting all of his available benefits.

The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center is doing its part to make sure the Tuscaloosa area veterans know everything they can concerning their benefits. They will host a virtual benefits outreach on August 20th from 10 am-3:45 pm.

The Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center partnered with the University of Alabama Vet Success program to offer this amazing event and they will cover a range of topics. Some of the areas that will be discussed are Veterans Readiness Employment Program, education benefits, updated claims applications, eligibility & enrollment, and more. The schedule for the virtual meeting will include information for student veterans as well! As listed on the event's Facebook page, the student veteran portion will begin at 10 am and end at 11:45 am. Veterans in the Tuscaloosa area will be given their information from the hours of 2 pm- 3:45 pm.

Events like these are often overlooked. I don't think people really understand how much it takes to navigate the VA benefits system. From watching my father's experience, I can tell it's not easy. I'm not a veteran myself, but I appreciate the work the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center & the University of Alabama Vet Success program are doing in our community for our veterans.

For more information on the Veterans Benefits Outreach Virtual Meeting, view the event's Facebook page here.

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