What's the most creative yet simple activity you did when you were bored? This milk crate activity may take the cake as the simplest most entertaining thing ever.

I saw some of my social media followers talking about this "Hood Olympics" game online. I've never seen it until recently and I could not stop watching!

This is becoming known as the Milk Crate Challenge. The idea is simple. People are to climb up one side of stacked milk crates and walk down the other side without falling. The winner gets the money. It sounds easy but it's been challenging for everyone who's attempted it so far.


The suspense alone is addicting. I can't imagine what he felt trying to get to that top crate. That fall looked like it hurt. The thing is, it wasn't the worst fall I've seen. Other people tried and failed.

I was shocked that this man fell this hard and never dropped his cigarette.

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What happens when a woman attempts this challenge? Caution, you might feel bad for laughing. This one was hilarious because her wig fell off!


Of course, some people ended up making it a lot further than others.



The reactions to these videos are hilarious!


The reply to this tweet is my exact mood watching all of these videos.


Out of all the videos I watched, I found one person to successfully make it through the milk crate challenge. It didn't look good at first but she made it through without falling like the others and she got the money!

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