Current USA Olympian Used This Tuscaloosa, Alabama Gym To Train

 The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games are officially underway. Would you believe me if I told you a US Olympian recently trained at this Tuscaloosa gym?

Recently, I've been seeing a woman dominate the shot put in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The way she throws, the strength she has and the masks he was all pull you in. You can't help but become a fan! Her name is Raven "Hulk" Saunders.

As I scrolled on the internet, I came across her Instagram page. While I was scrolling, I saw a few videos of a gym that looked familiar.



Of course, a lot of gyms look the same across the country so it was possible that this wasn't the same gym I thought it was. Then I saw another video and this time she tagged the exact gym location.



She works out at Crunch Fitness in Tuscaloosa. Wow! What are the odds?

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After seeing those videos, I couldn't stop there. I went over to the Crunch Fitness Facebook page and saw a post of Raven at the gym. I was star-struck as if I saw her in the gym in person.


This is such a huge inspiration to see. A real-life Olympian frequently works out in a Tuscaloosa gym. It just shows us that you can truly accomplish anything with hard work and dedication no matter where you live.

Raven has recently qualified for the Olympic Finals in the shot put. We wish her all the best in her upcoming competition. Bring home the Gold!


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