I can't be the only one that makes sure to walk around the greeters at the door working at Walmart these days right? I mean, we're supposed to be practicing social distancing so I can't be too close. I don't know if that worker is sick or not!!


According to CBS News, Walmart is helping to ease the mind of people like me, they will begin temperature checks on all employees as well as health screening questions as they report to work. This is the latest step in helping to keep employees safe but customers as well across the nation. CBS News states that "Walmart is now in the process of sending infrared thermometers to all locations, which could take as long as three weeks."

This helps ease my mind a little as we abide by the new 24-hour curfew set in place by our Mayor here in Tuscaloosa. Walmart is a place I continue to visit to grab items I need for the week and groceries as well. Under the new curfew essential business are allowed to continue operation and with Walmart being an essential business, I'm glad they re taking steps to protect their employees and customers as well.


(Source) To read the full story visit CBS News.

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