I'm sure you've seen the title of this and automatically formed your opinion. I ask that you hear me out.

Most times when people speak on the newer generation of hip hop and their music, it's negative. "The Mumble rappers are trash" or "IDK what they call this but it ain't hip hop." Here's my take on it.

Let them have their moment!.... I remember back in the early 2000's when Soulja Boy was the hottest thing smoking, or when Laffy Taffy was the biggest hit or even when Ying Yang Twins came out with a song of nothing but whispering! WHISPERING!!! LOL!

To us, it's a big moment of our lives and we loved it. I'm sure the generation before us were looking at us wearing tall tees, and oversized clothes like we were crazy, but we were living our moments with our stars. Yes we were open to advice from our elders but it had to be delivered properly for us to be receptive to it.

It's the same these days with the current generation. When I heard Blueface for the first time, I realized he didn't make that for me. I could recognize it as good music for who it was intended for and didn't have to like it to give him props. Me taking every opportunity to down him and all the kids that like the song only shames the younger generation I'm supposed to be teaching and looking out for.


Remember, there was ALWAYS something the newer generation did that the previous ones didn't like or it made them uncomfortable and most times, the most uncomfortable artists ended up making history. Like Uncle Luke, E-40, Snoop Dogg, NWA, Outkast and so many more. In the moment, people were trying to stop what they were doing or hated it for their own reasons.


Just because these newer artists don't make music specifically for us doesn't mean they're trash. We don't have to like it, but we can find a better way to teach them how to improve their skills, speak on topics of substance or whatever else you find "wrong" with their music. I could go on for hours about this but I'm interested in what you think! Hit me up on Facebook  @BigDawgDreDay and let me know your thoughts on the new generation of hip hop.


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