The Big Dawg DreDay is highlighting local artists from the state of Alabama every day in the 5 O' Clock Turn Up Mix! It's so much talent in Alabama, and It's time to represent in a major way. What better way to do it than on the hottest mix in the state of Alabama?



Today's mix will feature Alabama native Country Boy. Originally from Abbeville, Al which is a small town 20 minutes north of Dothan in southeastern Alabama, Country Boy fell in love with music when he moved to Birmingham in 2010 to attend UAB. Many great artists find their love for music in college and begin writing or recording in dorms. In 2014 he began recording music using MixCraft and his mom's old desktop computer in the closet of my apartment. Country Boy is described as not just a rapper, but an artist. He's said to create art with his lyrics and music. Fast forward to now, 6 years later, he had finally crafted his own sound that represents where he's from. Country boy is excited to be featured in today's mix and is ready to represent Alabama In the music industry.  Ferragamo was the first song he recorded upon his return to Birmingham and says this song is "The One." Hear Country Boy's Ferragamo inside the 5 O' Clock Turn Up Mix Today with the Big Dawg DreDay.

Follow Country Boy on Instagram @ItIsCountryBoy and stream his new song Ferragamo on Spotify.

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