The weather has been off and on nice. When it’s nice-nice, I love taking a walk in a West Alabama park. Why? A simple reason is that walking in a public park is free. Also, you can go at your own speed, be any age or fitness level.

To encourage you to keep walking, I’ve lost 21 pounds since the begging of the year. I believe it’s the combination of eating better and low-impact exercise like walking. The Arthritis Foundation says that walking provides “improved circulation, shore up your bones, enjoy a longer life, lighten your mood, lose weight, strengthen muscles, improve sleep, support your joints, improve your breath, slow down mental decline, lower Alzheimer’s risk, and do more for longer.”

My favorite place to walk is Annette M. Shelby Park. It’s my go-to walking spot. You can find it at 1614 15th Street in Tuscaloosa. I love it there for several reasons; the main one is that it is nice and clean. The walking trails are pretty level and free of debris. A bonus is super comfy benches along the walking path, and there is ample parking.  It is such a cute park. For me, it’s just enough of a trail for me to get a “good” walk-in. Also, everyone is super nice, and I’ve seen a few regulars too.

Another great place to get your steps in is at Snow Hinton Park, 1000 Hargrove Road East in Tuscaloosa. You can find people walking and running at this park at any time of the day. The walking track is a “lighted, paved 1-mile outdoor walking trail,” according to PARA. If you have kids, you will love the playground area too. I may or may not have enjoyed it as well.

If you want to take in some views while you walk, be sure to try the Tuscaloosa River Walk. You will be sure to get tons of steps in on this paved trail. Also, taking in the beauty of the Black Warrior River can help pass the walking time too. When I’ve been on the course, I’ve seen walkers, bikers, runners, and roller skating. I’ve clocked it less than 5 miles if you start at the western end at Capitol Park.

(Source) Click here for more information from the Arthritis Foundation. Click here for more about PARA parks.


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