It's no secret that states in the south traditionally have the worst health.

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I can admit I don't have the best relationship with exercising.

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When it comes to food, there are some healthy options in Alabama. Maybe not as many as other states like California and Florida, but there are some options.

In Tuscaloosa, I remember thinking that there weren't any healthy options in the city.

Although I wasn't completely wrong, there were a few options.

After a few years in Tuscaloosa, I've seen more healthy options pop up in the city like vegan restaurants and food trucks.

The latest data from has Alabama listed in the top 5 most unhealthy states in America.

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Following Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, the state of Alabama is the fourth most unhealthy state in the United States.

According to, the yellow hammer state has a high prevalence of diabetes and high cardiovascular death rates.  They also state that Alabama’s diabetes rate is 14.5%, which is the second-highest rate in the country.


The state’s cardiovascular death rate is 347.0 per 100,000, the third-highest in the country and  Alabama also has the second-highest infant mortality rate at 8.2 deaths per 100,000 people.

Being the fourth most unhealthy state in the U.S, it doesn't surprise me that we have a city in Alabama that has a number of adults who don't exercise higher than the whole state's overall number.

247Wallst reports that Dothan is the city in Alabama that hates exercise the most.

Their report states that:

Adults who don’t exercise: 35.7% (Alabama: 30.8%)
> Pop. with access to places for physical activity: 56.3% (Alabama: 56.6%)
> Adult obesity rate: 39.2% (Alabama: 36.3%)
> Adults with diabetes: 12.5% (Alabama: 12.2%)
> Adults reporting poor or fair health: 23.6% (Alabama: 21.4%)
> Avg. physically unhealthy days: 5.0 per month (Alabama: 4.8 per month)

For more information and to see info on other states like Georgia and Mississippi, click here to visit 247WallSt.

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