They Say New Year's Resolutions Are Overrated

2020 is quickly coming to a close and some say it can't happen fast enough. Are you making New Year's resolutions this year?

Although there have been many major events in 2020, most will remember this year as the year of COVID-19.

So many things were turned upside down due to this year's pandemic. Distance learning became a regular occurrence as children were forced to learn at home. Parents felt like they had to become the teacher, tutor, playmate, and guardian all while at home with their kids.

Millions of Americans were either laid off or furloughed due to companies fighting to stay afloat earlier this year. Unemployment and other forms of assistance became key parts to plenty of households for survival and many still need it as we're still not in the clear with COVID-19.

With the new year on the horizon, people are discussing New Year's resolutions. Are they needed? Do they even help? After a hard year like 2020, many seem to think that making New Year's resolutions are just too much to think about. Some think the best thing to do is just to let the year take them "wherever the wind blows" in 2021.

I strongly disagree! I know that 2020 hasn't been the year we all imagined in January, but the year wasn't complete trash.

I think we should still make New Year's resolutions and even be more motivated to stick to them in 2021 more than any other year. Here are a few suggestions on great New Year's resolution ideas for 2021.

Ideas For 2021 New Year's Resolutions

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