What The Passing Of Cicely Tyson Means To Me

Legendary Actress and Hollywood icon Cicely Tyson has passed away. I know this may be a little clichè, but this one is hitting differently.

Late Thursday evening, AP News confirmed the passing of Cicely Tyson at age 96. According to AP News, her manager Larry Thompson issued a statement saying,

“With heavy heart, the family of Miss Cicely Tyson announces her peaceful transition this afternoon. At this time, please allow the family their privacy,”


One of my fondest memories of Cicely Tyson is seeing her in every Tyler Perry movie. It didn't matter if it was a comedy movie, a serious drama type of movie, or another genre, you could count on seeing Cicely Tyson in the movie. Not only would she enter the camera and command respect, you just felt like she was going to drop some much-needed knowledge to the audience. It always felt like she was talking straight to me!

I really hope Hollywood realizes how much of an icon they're losing in Cicely Tyson.  With her passing away at 96 years old I can only imagine the things she's seen. The many generations she's live through, the different fashion trends, movies, shows and she still looked good!

I remember always talking with my wife about how good she looked in movies and couldn't believe she's been alive that long with those good looks. Her passing away has definitely inspired me to live a full life while I'm here. I want to positively affect people while I'm on this Earth.

Rest in peace to the legendary Cicely Tyson, and prayers up for her family, friends, and all who knew and loved her.

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