On this fatherhood journey I've had so many thoughts and revelations about life. Looking into my son's eyes, seeing his innocence just makes my heart so full! I started thinking one day how I'd make the world perfect for him if I could. Then I wondered.... What would I wish for if I had the power to make things happen for him?


  • My first wish would be for Nuppy to grow to be wise. As parents I know we can't be there for his every move and decision which is a hard pill to swallow. I'd want him to be wise enough to make the right decision in the moments that really matter.


  • Secondly, I'd wish for Nuppy to always feel loved. I never want him to experience in anyway the feeling of being unwanted or unloved.


  • My third wish would be for Nuppy to take calculated risks. I think for me to want him to never fail or experience hurt is unrealistic. The best thing I think would not to just take risks, but calculated risks. Before making moves in life, I'd like him to asses the good the bad and the ugly of his decision and then move forward. This minimizes the chances of surprise and


I could go on for days with more wishes and maybe I will soon, but I will say that parenthood so far has taught me a lot. It's made me feel like things like my wishes are possible and can actually come true. I'd love to hear from other parents out there. Let me know how many kids you have and if you had three wishes for your kids, what would they be? Hit me up on Instagram or Facebook @BigDawgDreDay.

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