Living in Tuscaloosa, I've learned that there are certain stores that I feel confident going into knowing that I'll get the exact item I need when I walk out.

Recently, I learned that this one item I started looking for isn't available at the store that I thought it would be.

After buying a grill, I wanted to have a barbecue.

I recently learned how to cook a certain item and I wanted to cook it again. A few months ago, I bought this one item and there were dozens and dozens of them at every store imaginable.

So I'm thinking I can just go to any store, grab this item and I'll be good.

We try Publix.

Publix says that they didn't have him in stock. What?

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Maybe they're just having a bad day. The pandemic has caused a lot of issues with shipping and getting merchandise in at the right time.

So maybe the truck didn't come in that week was my thought.

So then I try Walmart. They were out of stock. When I asked about the item. The employee looked at me like I was crazy.

After asking his coworkers he just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yeah, we don't sell them."

Here's my thing. How could you not sell this? I figured everybody has this year-round.

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All I wanted was a whole turkey. Not a turkey breast, not turkey wings, a whole turkey.

I recently learned how to smoke a turkey and I wanted to give it another try. To my surprise, nobody sells them year round it seems.

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Did you know that turkeys were only a seasonal item in Tuscaloosa?

If it's not where can I buy a whole turkey in summer? Let me know because I'm in desperate need of grabbing a whole Turkey and smoking it on the grill.

Shoot me a message at Let me know where I can buy a whole turkey in the summer in Tuscaloosa.

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