If there is one thing we all love about fall, it's HBCU marching bands! the culture is undeniable.

Lots of people love forward to football season for the game. Real HBCU fans are looking forward to the game, but most importantly, the bands. HBCU marching band culture is something that is serious in the south!


Every year HBCU marching bands bring the heat in the stands.



And of course, they bring the heat on the field.


As a former HBCU marching band member myself, I love seeing the tubas do their thing!


There is one thing that everyone can agree on. the dancers are the highlight of every good HBCU marching band.

The Alabama State University Stingettes have long reigned supreme.

There is nothing like a great line of HBCU dancers. It's a sight you won't see anywhere else.


I came across a viral video and it seems like this young girl has been watching her fair share of HBCU marching band dance lines because she has ALL of the moves down. I loved how the people were in the background hyping her up. she straight killed it!

It turns out that this little girl is popular on Youtube and dances quite often.

My question to you is, what HBCU marching band could you see her joining? would she fit on the ASU Stingettes? The Dancing Dolls, 14 Karat Gold Dancers, or even the Dancing Divas of Alabama A&M?

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