The novel Coronavirus continues to spread across the United States, and as the number of confirmed cases climbs, there is growing concern that this year's football season will be unlike anything we've ever seen before.

The University of Alabama recently released its plan for a return to normal operations, the cornerstone of which is requiring students and faculty to submit to COVID-19 testing before being allowed to return to campus. Students, faculty, and other employees will also be required to wear face masks and practice social distancing as a means of mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

UA has not yet made an announcement in regards to its plans for both football and tailgating this fall, but I did see a tweet today that struck fear into my heart.

Mississippi State's Alumni Association has already cancelled their official tailgates for the fall. I am sure they made this decision out of an abundance of caution, but it still seems like a harbinger of doom. Mississippi State, however, hasn't made any announcements about its plans for football or tailgating.

What will tailgating look like this year? How can we all get together and party if we have to remain six feet apart? How will I drink copious amounts of bourbon and eat my weight in chicken wings if I have to wear a face mask at all times?

I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you that this pandemic will be over by the time our first home game kicks off, but a) I don't know where to buy a crystal ball and b) sadly, I am not psychic. In the meantime, let's all keep washing our hands, wearing our face masks, lighting prayer candles, and doing anything/everything necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so we can tailgate this fall.


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