Mother's Day is right around the corner and moms across the nation will be shown how much they are appreciated by their family and friends. Unfortunately, working moms in Alabama may not feel that appreciation.

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Although I'm not a working mom, I have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Seeing my mom work 2 jobs while I was growing up and now seeing my wife take care of two children and work is mind-blowing.

Working moms deserve an automatic 1-week paid vacation if you ask me!

I'm sure most working moms in Alabama have their own story to tell, but according to Wallet Hub, working moms in Alabama aren't doing too well as compared to other states in the U.S.


According to Wallet Hub, life as an Alabama working mom means that you're finding below average daycare quality, your parental leave policy is most likely not great and the ratio of female to male executives at your job isn't that great.

Out of the whole United States, the state of Alabama has one of the worst rankings for working moms.

Alabama is ranked as the 3rd WORST state for working moms. That is just flat-out sad!

According to Wallet Hub, Alabama ranks only ahead of Louisiana and Missippi when it comes to being a great state for working moms.

The state of Alabama ranked 47th in day-care quality and 43rd in parental-leave policy in the nation.

To see the full results of the study from Wallet Hub, click here.

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