Since living in Tuscaloosa, I've heard some pretty bad traffic stories and learned some of the streets to try to avoid. Especially during rush hour.

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McFarland seems to be a street that comes up in the discussion of frustrating streets in Tuscaloosa. there is one street that absolutely takes the cake. I avoid this street at all costs of only travel on it when I have PLENTY of time.

do you know what street in Tuscaloosa that is? It's Greensboro Ave.

when I'm saying this is the worst street in Tuscaloosa, I'm speaking about just one section of the road. Those darn train tracks!

When  I first moved here in 2019, one of the very first things I learned was that the train on Greensboro Ave takes forever. Years later, it still holds true. no matter the time of day, it seems like there is always a train coming through that area and it takes at least 20 minutes.

Tuscaloosa natives, I need your help with this one. Has this been the case for as long as you remember? What street do you take instead of Greensboro when you need to be somewhere in a timely matter?

Hopefully one day my patience will grow longer and I'll be able to wait at the railroad crossing for about 30 minutes and not complain about it. Until then, that street, and particularly that area hold the title of "Worst Street In Tuscaloosa" in my opinion.

Send me your nominations for "Wost Street in Tuscaloosa" at DreDay@1051TheBlock.Com.

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