This has to be the most shocking thing I've ever heard. How could someone do this at church? Especially a high-ranking member of the church.

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The uncomfortable truth is that the church isn't exempt from the drama and even bickering we experience daily.

People tend to think that everything in and surrounding the church is perfect and nothing terrible or uncomfortable ever happens. That couldn't be further from the truth.

There are many instances proving that to be wrong.

Here's a video of a church in Tennessee where it seems the founding pastor is in some kind of disagreement with other pastors and his wife has made it public in front of the congregation.

Another situation involves a now-viral video of a pastor admitting to committing adultery to his congregation and stepping down from his duties.

The more shocking part is when the victim comes forward to speak to reveal details unimagined.

A woman comes forward and tells everyone that the pastor had sex with her when she was just 16 years old on his office floor.

I cannot imagine such a thing being done to a child by someone who should be protecting and watching over them.

Recently, in Louisiana, a priest admitted to something quite shocking.

According to NY Daily News, 39-year-old Travis Clark was caught with two women on the alter of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Pearl River, La., in October 2020.

The investigation uncovered some unholy details.

Sex toys, a portable stage, recording devices, lights, and two women in corsets were discovered at the scene along with Clark nearby and half-naked.

Frank Lombardi jr

Could you imagine this happening at your church home?

I don't even know what would possess someone let alone a priest to do something like this.

According to the NY Daily News, Clark pleaded guilty to felony obscenity, and the two women who were described as dominatrices for hire pleaded guilty to misdemeanors.

NY Daily News also stated that Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church got rid of the altar and ordered it to be burned, then replaced it with a new one.

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