In Alabama, a sheriff's office is pursing the phone records of a local priest and a girl who is 18 years old.

Alex Crow, 30 years old, has fled to Europe with a girl, who is a recent high school graduate. Crow, a catholic priest, did not teach at the McGill-Toolen High School of the 18 year old but, he did visit classes and heard confession, according to WKRG.

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Authorities at Mobile County Sheriff’s Office have issued a copy of a love letter written by Crow to the girl. Within this letter he says that he is her husband and that they are in love. The law in Alabama does state no sexual contact between a school employee and a student 19 or younger.

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The sheriff's office is receiving help from the church and Archbishop Thomas J. Rodi. In a video posted via Facebook, the archbishop states that when they learned of Crow’s behavior, they notified the local district attorney immediately.

Archbishop Rodi has informed Crow that he no longer can practice as a priest and Rodi is going to look to get Crow removed from the priesthood.

Authorities stated that within a letter Crow says he will never return to America. The sheriff’s office believes the girl was being groomed while in school. To this day Crow and the 18-year-old remain in Europe.

Could you imagine this happening with your young loved one?

Do you think that Crow should be punished even while in Europe?


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