I can recall in the beginning of the year, the nation was battling a crawfish shortage. It was said that this yea's crawfish season would be the "Worst season ever" according to an article by New Orleans tv station Fox 8. 



After a recent visit to a Northport business, I don't think I'm trusting the "worst season ever" sentiments from experts.

With last weekend being A-Day weekend, Tuscaloosa was buzzing with events and for a DJ like me, that meant back to back events all weekend long.

Of course it didn't help that on top of being on the radio, this week, I'm in the middle of a school tour across West Alabama with my co-host Comedian LP.

We stopped by two schools this week to launch a community service initiative with kids in West Alabama.


I've been away from home so much that my kids have been missing me so I decided t have Daddy Day with a day full of events. All before my Saturday evening A-Day events.

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The last stop for Daddy Day was Ingram Farms for some ice cream, but little did I know, I'd be leaving with a few extra items.

While there, you can't help but notice the line of people who I'm guessing couldn't resist the same smell that made me give in. The smell of fresh seafood cooked to perfection.

Crawfish Boil

I've heard a lot about their seafood and with it being crawfish season, I had to try some.

It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life!

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The price wasn't too expensive and the seasoning was perfect. It didn't even need much because the seafood was great quality and fresh. The crawfish was also some of the largest I've had in a while.


I don't know exactly when crawfish season ends, but I know I'll be back at least three more times for more before it does. Shoutout to Ingram Farms for amazing service, and great food.

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