There will never be another Wu-Tang Clan, but it looks like fans can expect the next best thing.

According to a Wednesday (Nov. 14) report from SILive, the sons of the "C.R.E.A.M" rappers Method Man, Ghostface Killah, U-God and Ol' Dirty Bastard have formed a rap group of their own. Rappers iNTeLL, son of U-God; Pxwer, son of Method Man; Sun God, son of Ghostface Killah; and Young Dirty Bastard, son of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard told the Staten Island-based outlet all about their new journey as 2nd Generation Wu.

“Growing up, I’ve always had the mindset of 'I am who I am, my father is who he is,” iNTeLL told the outlet. “We’re all next in line to receive ‘Wu-Tang is forever’ but at the same time, we all have our own unique sound and we’re ready to share that together.”

While the group may be new, the sons of the Wu-Tang Clan aren't strangers to the music industry. INTeLL and Pxwer, who share the same mother, began developing their musical talent together a decade ago. Throughout their time on the grind, both rappers began meeting and connecting with other offspring of the Shaolin Warriors.

YDB has been rapping for years and has numerous mixtapes under his belt. He also appears on WE tv's Growing Up Hip-Hop: New York. Ghostface's son Sun God has also been rapping since his debut track "Man Up" appeared on Ghostface and Trife Da God's 2005 album Put It on the Line.

Now that they've fused into one entity, the group wants their fans to understand their roots in the game. At the same time, they also plan to create their own lane outside of their fathers' iconic discography.

“We’re infusing the sounds of our fathers to create a new Wu-Tang dynasty,” iNTeLL said. “Even in the first single, we made sure to add pieces of our fathers' music underneath our raps so we can give the fans clues as to who our fathers were.”

Check out 2nd Generation Wu's debut single "7.O.D" below.

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