The 2022 XXL Freshman Class was unveiled this week, marking 15 years of the annual celebration of hip-hop’s rising talent. With the announcement comes the arrival of XXL’s inaugural NFT, a nod to Freshman’s 15th birthday.

XXL has partnered with Fanpage, a tech company in the entertainment world with a focus on creating digital memorabilia in the metaverse, to provide rap fans with a free NFT. For a limited time, fans will be able to mint their own XXL Freshman 15-year anniversary NFT as a gift from XXL and Fanpage. Simply by accessing this digital collectible, fans will unlock more exclusive perks and benefits like early or even exclusive access to future NFT drops, contests and merch discounts are provided by Fanpage.

Over the past two years, NFTs have emerged as a new art form in the digital space. Hip-hop artists began jumping on the latest wave of non-fungible tokens when they emerged in 2020. Since then, rappers far and wide have dropped serious money on collectible pieces of digital artwork. For XXL’s first NFT celebrates the impressive statistics of Freshmen since its first class in 2007.

The NFT showcases a museum-like view with monumental moments on full display. XXL's first Freshman class included 10 artists, and over the past 15 years, 159 rappers and singers have appeared across 15 covers. All in, 47 Freshmen have locked in Grammy nominations, with 14 wins. Another 18 artists have secured multiplatinum albums, which is no easy feat. And there are plenty more numbers to digest.

To learn more and claim your free NFT, visit Click the “Get Your NFT” button and enter your email address. You will then be prompted to enter a verification code, which will arrive via email. Once the code is entered, you’ll be logged into the Fanpage website and land on the page where you’ll be able to view the XXL Freshman 15-year anniversary NFT.

Time to mint your XXL x Fanpage NFT.

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