Who would've thought that people in Tuscaloosa loved Chinese food as much as I do? Thanks to our readers, I've found the best Chinese food places in town.

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Recently, the question was raised, asking "Who has the best Chinese food in Tuscaloosa?" The responses were overwhelming and people definitely feel strong about their favorites in town.

This all started when my wife tried a new Chinese restaurant in Tuscaloosa. The food was good but I could remember having slightly better noodles elsewhere. If I were back home in Orlando, I know there were plenty of go-to Chinese food places I could go to. Since I'm still learning Tuscaloosa, I decided to ask for suggestions.

Well, I asked, and you all have spoken in a major way. Here are the best Chinese food restaurants in Tuscaloosa. Before we get to the list if you disagree please don't judge me. This is not my personal list. this list was created from our Facebook comments. Most of these places I have never been to, but hope to try soon.

After I try them, then we can discuss who I feel is the best in town.

Best Chinese Restaurants in Tuscaloosa

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