After publicly owing money to both Drake and Lil Baby, YK Osiris claims he will be debt-free starting next year.

On Friday (Dec. 3), YK hopped on social media to talk about his recent run of owing money to rappers and how that will no longer be the case next year. "All my debts are clear, OK," he said in the video. "All my debts are clear. Starting Jan. 1."

The crooner also addressed recently giving Drake a personal performance of YK's hit single "Worth It" to pay back a $60,000 debt owed to Drizzy. "Y'all wish y'all could pay off a debt like that," YK added. "Oh my god, y'all wish y'all could do that. I know y'all wish...Y'all wish y'all could show y'all talent just to pay off a debt. Wow, I say, wow. Y'all really out your gotdamn mind if you think I won't gon' get my red ass up and sing my muthafuckin' song. Y'all really think that? You don't get it, don't you?"

The Jacksonville, Fla. native has made the headlines a couple of times in the last month over unpaid debts. In November, Lil Baby pressed YK while both were shopping for bling at Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Atlanta due to a $5,000 debt. As previously mentioned, earlier this week, Drake made YK perform "Worth It" during a recent visit to Aubrey's mega mansion in order to clear a $60,000 IOU.

Despite these public instances, YK doesn't appear to be hurting for bread. Last month, he showed off a pair of $325,000 earrings. He is currently prepping the follow-up to his 2019 debut album, The Golden Child.

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